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Body Wisdom Wheel

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Our bodies are constructed of the materials from the earth – minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc.  Beginning with a single cell from our mother and a single cell from our father, we build our physical body from these materials received from our mother’s body.  Through these materials we begin our energy patterns.  Each mineral, each vitamin, each protein used in that construction is held together by chemical bonds.  These bonds and the atoms that compose them are the basis of the vibrations within us that are identified by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  The identification of blockages in the flow of energy through the body is the function of diagnosis in TCM.  The purpose of TCM is to relieve the blockages and restore health.

The blockages produce pain.  Pain is defined as the stagnation of Blood and Energy.  Energetically moving stagnation is accomplished in many ways – massaging the point of pain or around it, applying cold or heat, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.  When resonance is an active part of the process, we simply place the substance or a written statement some place on our bodies.  The more accurately we identify the source or cause of the pain (and therefore the substance or statement to be used during the Energy Exercise) the more effective our process will be.

The Body Wisdom Wheel (BWW) is the guide to finding blockages in our own body.  There are 12 separate energies identified on the rim of the wheel.  These energies are the 12 basic or regular meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  They include the major organs of western medicine (heart, large intestine, stomach, liver, gall bladder, lung, small intestine, spleen, urinary bladder, and kidney) and a couple of energies that are only identified in Chinese medicine (Pericardium and Triple Warmer).  Although the Pericardium is an anatomically identified part of the body, the covering of the heart, in Chinese medicine it has a number of other functions that relate only to the flow of energy.  More about this is explained as we learn the Body Wisdom Wheel.

The following Energy Exercise is designed to introduce us to the functions and vibrations of the regular energies of our bodies.  The Body Wisdom Wheel teaches us about listening.  We begin by going within – into our hearts- to listen to the drumbeat which connects us to the Earth.  This rhythm, the first sound we hear in the womb, from our mother’s heartbeat.  In us as in her, it is a reflection of the heartbeat of the Earthmother.

This Energy Exercise can be done at any time but to fully experience each stepping stone, it is best to do only one per day.  Sometimes it may take a day or two longer.  There is no rush.  The purpose is resonance not speed.  When you are ready to move on, the wheel moves clockwise so the next stepping stone is Large Intestine – elimination at 5 o’clock.

The 12 meridians form the Stepping Stones of the BWW.  The story here begins at birth with the Heart which is located in the 4 o’clock position on the BWW.  It then continues clockwise with the Large Intestine.

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