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Food For Thought

Photo by Kaliflowa

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Why does anyone write?

It is part of the human condition to devour books and then form responses to them. To drink in poetry and novels is to be human. Even needing to hear a song you love during a particular moment of stress is to crave language. We are all magnetically attracted to the written word.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Whole worlds are contained between mere pieces of paper. Imagination is what makes reading so enjoyable. Writing is coupled with reading. Early attempts at producing literature involve what we have experienced, such as nature or pets

When the idea of starting a website was presented to me only last September (2009) I had no idea what it should include. Perhaps this is what is needed to reawaken my latent dreams of spending time reading and writing. Writing for this site has changed my perspective on the written word tremendously. A firm opinion of my own gleaned from personal experience has been shaped. An appetite for knowledge has been stirred from its restful slumber of the last 20 years. Now it is time to search for, and even demand the truth.

We all are seeking the truth. This word truth implies that there is only one correct answer to which we must all conform. This is not the case however. Truth, in the Native American Indian sense, is the result of compiling all personal experiences. Individual truths provide us with a firm foundation for our lives. “It is the essence of our experience” (Gwenio.com).

As humans we soak up so much from the world and usually don’t realize it or try to filter anything out. Writing is a way to discover one’s own truths. Come learn with me and we will grow towards being whole people together…

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