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My Quilting Project

A few months ago I began sewing a new quilt. Inspiration came from my boyfriend’s mother who gave me a wealth of cloth and other supplies, including some instructional books on hand sewing quilts. One book, Quilting by Hand by Jinny Beyer, held a pattern that I wanted to try. The pattern is called “Shamrock” and was created by Jill Amos Gibbons in 2003. The original pattern – like its name is entirely – of shades of green. My own version is much brighter. I am using many different scraps I have; mostly pinks, purples and greens. This is not my first quilt, but it is already standing out as my finest.

When completed, the quilt will be about 86 ½ inches by 92 inches. First I am sewing 18 hexagons, and four halves. Each hexagon measures out to 18 inches by 15 ½ inches. That is a lot of sewing! Next I will have to pick a fabric for the triangles, and another for the borders.

Here is a sketch of the finished product.


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